Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science
The Next Issue:
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
52 (3), September 2017

Our next issue will include the following articles:


Creative Challenges on Religion, Science and Knowledge by Willem B. Drees


Transhumanism, Theological Anthropology, and Modern Biological Taxonomy by Travis Dumsday

Naturalizing Psychedelic Spirituality by Chris Letheby

A Contribution to the Debate on Science and Faith by Christian Students from Abidjan by Klaas Bom

Use of the Phrase “Personal; Relationship with Jesus”: Toward a Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Explanation by Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter

How to Do Religion and Science?

Should a Christian Ever Adopt Methodological Naturalism? by Andrew Torrance

The Scientific Character of Philip Hefner’s “Created Co-Creator” by Victoria Lorrimar

Assessing the Field of Science and Religion: Advice from the Next Generation by Michael Burdett

Knowing in Perilous Times: IRAS 2016

introduction by Pat Bennett and John Teske

Can “We” still talk about “Truth” and “Progress” in Interdisciplinary Thinking Today? by Wentzel van Huyssteen

What if the Human Kind Evolved for Non-rational Thought? An Anthropological Perspective by Jonathan Marks

Philosophical Anthropology, Ethics, and Love: Towards a New Religion and Science Dialogue by Christian Early

Right-wing Postmodernism and the Rationality of Traditions by Philip Cary

Human Phenotypic Morality and the Biological Basis for Knowing Good by Margaret Boone Rappaport and Christopher Corbally S.J.

Knowing Ourselves as Embodied and Relationally Extended by Warren Brown

Knowing Ourselves by Telling Stories to Ourselves by John Teske


Eschatology and the Technological Future by Michael Burdett reviewed by Willem B. Drees