Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science
The Next Issue:
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
52 (4), December 2017

Our next issue will include the following articles:


Preparing for an Editorial Transition by Willem B. Drees


Horace M. Kallen’s Use of Evolutionary Theory in Support of American Jews and Democracy by Matthew Kaufman

Biology Teachers’ Conceptions about the Origin of Life in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay: A Comparative Study by Heslley M. Silva; Pierre Clément; Isabella M. Silva Leão; Tiago V. Garros, Graça S. Carvalho

Causation, Dispositions and Physical Occasionalism by Walter John Schutz and Lisanne D’Andrea-Winslow

A Randomness-Based Theodicy for Evolutionary Evils by Jordan Wessling and Joshua Rasmussen

Naming the Human Animal: Genesis 1-3 and Other Animals in Human Becoming by Arthur Walker-Jones

The Many Faces of Panentheism

The Many Faces of Panentheism: An Editorial Introduction by Harald Atmanspacher and Hartmut von Sass

How Radically Can God Be Reconceived before Ceasing to Be God? The Four Faces of Panentheism by Philip Clayton

Panentheism and Natural Science: A Good Match? by Willem B. Drees

The Experience of God and the World: Christianity’s Reasons for Considering Panentheism a Viable Option by Jan-Olav Henriksen

Panentheism and the Undoing of Disenchantment by Roderick Main

Panentheism, Neutral Monism, and Advaita Vedanta by Michael Silberstein


Eschatology and the Technological Future by Michael Burdett reviewed by Willem B. Drees

God in Cosmic History: Where Science and History Meet Religion by Ted Peters reviewed by Gayle Woloschak