Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science
The Next Issue:
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
55 (1), March 2020

Our next issue will include the following articles:


Cognitive Science, Continuous Creation, and Zygon Moving On by Arthur C. Petersen


Divine DNA? Secular and Religious Representations of Science in Non-Fiction Science Television Programs by Will Mason-Wilkes

Improving Evolution Advocacy: Translating Vaccine Interventions to the Evolution Wars by Thomas Aechtner

A Cultural Evolutionary Approach to Modernity: What Might it Mean for Christian Faith? by Collin Patterson

Social Research on Science and Religion in Nordic Countries by Pia Vuolanto, Paula Nissilä, and Ali Qadir

The New Scientific Study of Religion Moving On

Challenges, Opportunities and Suggestions for a Renewed Program in the Scientific Study of Religion by Lluís Oviedo

Recent Trends in the Cognitive Science of Religion: Neuroscience, Religious Experience, and the Confluence of Cognitive and Evolutionary Research by Robert McCauley

Anti-Structure and the Roots of Religious Experience by Connor Wood

Critical Remarks on Cognitive Science of Religion by Konrad Szocik

Religious Belief as Acquired Second Nature by Hans van Eyghen

Isolating the Individual: Theology, the Evolution of Religion, and the Problem of Abstract Individualism by Léon Turner

The Concept of Continuous Creation

The History and Contemporary Use of the Concept of Continuous Creation by Fabien Revol

Continuous Creation: Toward a Renewed and Actualized Concept by Fabien Revol


From Commodificationto the Common Good: Reconstructing Science, Technology, and Society by Hans Radder reviewed by Arthur C. Petersen