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From 1973 through 2004 Arthur Peacocke published 15 articles in Zygon. As secretary of the Science and Religion Forum he also worked to bring to Zygon’s December 1976 issue the papers from the Forum’s 1975 meeting on the Problem of Consciousness as well as being the guest editor for the June 1984 issue that presented the papers from the Forum’s 1983 meeting on “The Ethical Challenge of Contemporary Biology.” Zygon also devoted a Profile feature to his work in our December 1991 issue.

  • “The Nature and Purpose of Man in Science and Christian Theology,” pp. 373-394 in the September-December 1973 double issue.

  • The “Introduction” to the section of Papers from the Meeting of the Science and Religion Forum on the Problem of Consciousness, p. 306 in the December 1976 issue.

  • “Reductionism: A Review of the Epistemological Issues and Their Relevance to Biology and the Problem of Consciousness,” pp. 307-334 in the December 1976 issue. [The section on the Problem of Consciousness also included articles by Mary Hesse, Tim Appleton, H. M. Robinson, and J. W. Bowker.]

  • “Chance and the Life Game,” pp. 301-322 in the December 1979 issue. [In this article, Peacocke established himself as a foremost interpreter of the work of Prigogine and Eigen and their significance for the religion/science discussion. The current interest in complexity and emergence is indebted in part to his work in the 1970s. See also item #7.]

  • The “Editorial” for the June 1984 issue (pp. 115-116).

  • “Sociobiology and Its Theological Implications,” pp. 171-184 in the June 1984 issue. [The section on the Challenge of Sociobiology to Ethics and Theology also included articles by Michael J. Reiss, Peter Singer, William A. Rottschaefer, David L. Martinsen, Philip Hefner, and Peter Baelz.]

  • “Thermodynamics and Life,” pp. 395-432 in the December 1984 issue. [This is another example of Peacocke’s path-breaking works that prefigures today’s concern for complexity and emergence—see item #4.]

  • “God’s Action in the Real World,” pp. 455-476 in the December 1991 issue.

  • “From DNA to DEAN,” pp. 477-493 in the December 1991 issue.

  • “Concluding Reflection,” pp. 527-540 in the December 1991 issue. [The Profile on Arthur Peacocke’s work also included articles by Lindon Eaves, Robert John Russell, and James S. Nelson.]

  • “Science and God the Creator,” pp. 469-484 in the December 1993 issue.

  • “The Religion of a Scientist: Explorations into Reality (Religio philosophi naturalis),” pp. 639-659 in the December 1994 issue.

  • “Biology and a Theology of Evolution,” pp. 695-712 in the December 1999 issue. [Part of Zygon’s “Teachers’ File” series.]

  • “Science and the Future of Theology: Critical Issues,” pp. 119-140 in the March 2000 issue. [This article was part of the section “Rethinking Christian Theology in Light of Science” where Philip Hefner, Arthur Peacocke, David A. Pailin, and Vítor Westhelle carry on a discussion.]

  • “‘The End of All Our Exploring’ in Science and Theology,” pp. 413-429 in the June 2004 issue.

Of his longer works, Zygon has reviewed Creation and the World of Science (Eugene Klaaren pp. 191-194 in June 1981), The Sciences and Theology in the Twentieth Century (Robert John Russell pp. 458-464 in December 1985), Intimations of Reality: Critical Realism in Science and Religion (Nancey Murphy pp. 464-466 in December 1985), Theology for a Scientific Age (Ted Peters {1990 Basil Blackwell edition} pp. 350-352 in September 1992 and James E. Huchingson {expanded 1993 Fortress Press edition} pp. 352-355 in June 1996), and Paths from Science towards God: The End of All Our Exploring (James E. Huchingson pp. 244-246 in March 2005).

Arthur Peacocke has been a fruitful contributor to Zygon. In addition to these published articles, he served for twenty years as an Associate Editor. His presence will be missed.

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initially prepared November 8, 2006

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